My Response to Craig Sesker’s article on Jordan Burroughs 2013 World Championship!

Written by: William Byrd

The article I’m writing on is an article from USA Wrestler entitled, JORDAN BURROUGHS STRIKES GOLD! American storms to title at World Championships.  The article mainly focuses on Jordan Burroughs, a 25 year old wrestler from Nebraska who has been undefeated since leaving the college stage 3 years ago.  After he won his 2nd NCAA title in 2011 he qualified for the United States world team, and won a gold medal at the World Championships just months later.  The next year, he won gold at the Olympics, and now he has won gold again—Compiling a record of 65-0.

This past gold medal was won less than two weeks ago in Budapest Hungary, and Jordan Burroughs himself has called this gold, “The biggest win of my career”!  This is because, he did it all on a broken ankle.  Burroughs broke his ankle on August 22, had surgery the next day, a surgery that put 5 screws in his left ankle!  He then went on to continue his legendary dominance and beat the best competitors that the world had to offer him less than a month later!  It is a feat that is almost unheard of in sports.  On the topic of how his ankle felt, Burroughs commented, “My ankle felt good.  I don’t have the full range of motion. I was about 75-80 percent. I tried to compete hard and give my all. I believed I could do this. It’s a testament to my willpower. I knew I could compete at a high level.”  Most wrestlers would not even be walking in such a short time with that injury, and Jordan Burroughs wins a World Championship!  If that isn’t crazy to you, then I don’t know what is!

I chose this article, because Jordan Burroughs is quickly becoming the new generation’s American icon for the sport of wrestling.  He has commercials being done about him, and he is about to be featured in Sports Illustrated!  He is getting the name of wrestling out there, and representing the toughness that it requires so well!  Most people in America don’t even know that he is one of the country’s greatest athletes.  65-0 Undefeated!  That is extremely rare in any sport, not just wrestling, and it is a feat that merits a ton of respect!  Michael Phelps didn’t win every race he competed in, but Jordan Burroughs has!

Hopefully readers of this article will take notice of Jordan Burroughs accomplishment and give him the attention he deserves!  It wasn’t even so much as mentioned on ESPN!  Arguably, America’s best athlete won his 3rd straight gold medal on a broken ankle, and a word isn’t breathed about it on his own nation’s sport’s network!  This man deserves to be on the cover of Sport’s Illustrated!

Hopefully this article will also inspire others to work hard to capture their own dreams!  Jordan Burroughs has done it against amazing odds, and it contributes all to his mentality.  He has great discipline, and terrific mental toughness!  I can only hope that people who read about him, aspire to be like him and go on to achieve greatness!

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